MarketWarrior End-of-Day

MarketWarrior End-of-Day 4.7

MarketWarrior is a financial analysis program for traders,...

MarketWarrior is a financial analysis program for traders, with a mainfocus on forecasting. This end-of-day version works with data in Metastockformat, simple ascii text files, or a subscription to TC2007.

If you have areal-time subscription to Barchart. com you can use this program to accessdaily, weekly or monthly data. MarketWarrior has over 140 indicators includinga comprehensive set of 15 indicators based on W.

D. Gann's Square of Nine. Thereare a variety of other indicators based on the work of W. D. Gann such as swinglines, trend lines, price time angles, Square of Range, fixed squares and more.

MarketWarrior includes special forecasting indicators such as the Master TimeFactor, Million Dollar Pivot Finder, Mirror Cycle, Dewey Cycle indicator and aGartley Pattern tool.

There are also draw tools for the Super-Pitchfork andAction-Reaction lines. MarketWarrior includes a set of astrology indicators fordrawing planet lines, aspects, planet speed, eclipses, moon cycle, declinationand a customizable version of the Bradley Siderograph, and a horoscope indexthat can compare the planet positions of two horoscopes and draw the resultingindex on a price bar chart.

MarketWarrior can draw traditional price barcharts and several special charts. The special charts include the W. D. GannSquare of Nine, Square of Four, Hexagon Chart, Circle Chart, a double horoscopeand an ephemeris chart MarketWarrior comes with two utility programs.

The Data Downloader which can download free end-of-day stock quotes from theinternet. The Data Downloader can maintain stock data files for most stocksymbols.

The second program is the Astrology Calculator which calculates adaily astrology almanac. MarketWarrior also includes an auto-updatefeature which can download the latest program version.

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MarketWarrior End-of-Day


MarketWarrior End-of-Day 4.7

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